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178 and 198 Balgrayhill Road, Glasgow


Prime Minister Harold Wilson opened the four multi-storey flats in Balgrayhill Road in April 1967. The 25-storey towers were part of the 150,000 houses built for letting by Glasgow Corporation in less than 10 years. Nghomes completed the design 45 years later by cladding the ground floor concrete structure with natural stone and creating common rooms for the residents while refurbishing the landings. Natural stone has been used extensively to raise standards and convey quality. By developing close working relationships with the quarries, we have demonstrated that natural stone is affordable. It is our conviction that natural materials, with their low embodied carbon, are the future. The quality of the delivered project has improved the well-being of the residents. 

Viewpoint and Balgrayhill
apartment towers




ng homes have transformed the setting for the 400 apartments in Balgrayhill Road by introducing common rooms as well as waiting spaces at the base of the towers. The concrete at the tower bases has been clad in natural stone with traditional detailing exuding style and quality.

Newlands /Wellfield Apartments, Glasgow 


This project addressed the internal landings in two 25-storey precast concrete towers, built in the 1960s when the danger of asbestos was not understood. There was asbestos in the glue that fixed the original vinyl floor tiles in each landing. Our brief was to design a cost-effective solution that would upgrade each landing to contemporary standards while resolving the asbestos issue. 


Working closely with the CDM co-ordinator, asbestos experts, the contractor and client, a safe working methodology for the residents and the contractor was established, trialled and implemented. We lifted the existing floor tiles, screed the concrete and retiled the floor. 




Carron Estate, Springburn, Glasgow


The seven multi-storey flats were built in the 1960s. Although the flat plans are generous, the thermal insulation at that time was poor. The external over-cladding of 550 houses and seven

multi-storey flats not only reduced the residents’ heating bills but greatly improved the overall appearance of the entire estate. 

Oakburn Avenue


Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire.


Bield Housing Association commissioned the 42 bedroom sheltered housing with a day centre specialising in dementia care. The domestically style building fit comfortably into the existing residential street scene.


Sheltered housing in Dumfries
for Kirkcare Housing Association


Clusters of 12 individual apartments are grouped along winding corridors which have semi private meeting spaces at the changes of direction. The entrance hall and common rooms are separated from the apartments to create attractive and varied external spaces around the building.

Gourlay Street Day Care Centre


North Glasgow Housing Association


The transformation of this day care centre has had a positive impact on the local community. We created an open, flexible space finished with natural materials and flooded with natural light. There is significant use of oak and blond sandstone, while the colour palette of yellow, black and grey together form the housing association’s new branded identity. The new porch improves access and creates a welcoming entrance. The interior is now free of columns. The daylight flooding the open space has been achieved by opening up the south-facing external wall and fitting full-height folding windows. Access from the street and to the garden is made easy by gentle ramps. 

Cartsdyke apartments Greenock


A fresh approach has transformed the twelve storey for River Clyde Homes into stylish apartment with secure carparking, entrance ramp, porch, resident laundry and meeting room. The redesigned ground floor has created two additional apartments suitable for residents with mobility problems. The natural stone columns to the base of the tower and the entrance lobby have the feel of a hotel.


Work in progress 





Cook Street, Tradeston, Glasgow


The existing listed building had been extensively altered over many years. We stripped it back to its original form, reinstating the courtyard and designing a new tower in the courtyard. With its high-quality hard and soft landscaping, the courtyard encourages residents to linger and enjoy the space. 


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